Cat Litter Hooded With Smell Remover

Cat litter remover with entrance and scoop
cat exiting litter box
Sizing of Cat litter remover with entrance and scoop spade
Easy to clean Cat litter remover with privacy, pull out tray and scoop
private and odour prevention cat litter box
Deodorant cat litter box with curtains and pedals

Cat Litter Hooded With Smell Remover

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▪ Suitable For Cats under 6kg

▪ Easy to Clean

▪ Removable Tray

An excellent piece, this PawHut litter box offers total privacy and comfort. Its enclosed design and curtain will have cats feeling at ease when inside, whilst the large space offers lots of room to move freely.

Includes a scoop and removable tray for effortless cleaning.

Comes with a  Scoop and removable tray which make it easy to clean and simple to maintain this litter box. With a lid and two deodorants combined they stop unpleasant odours, so your space stays smelling fresh.

Compact and stylish, it's a great replacement to the original open cat liter tray, this one you won't mind seeing around the house.

It's a simple way to make cats feel more at home.

*Dimensions: 40H x 50W x 40D cm.

*Front door: 20.5H x 18W cm.

*Maximum load 8kg

*Suitable for cats up to 6kg

*Assembly required