Cat Bed Stand with Scratching Post

Cat Scratching post with a bed and play ball
Cat on cat bed scratching post relaxing
Dimensions of a cat scratching post bed
Benefits of cat bet with scratching post and dangling ball
Scratching post perfect for a cats claws
Happy cat scratching bed house for cat

Cat Bed Stand with Scratching Post

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▪ One Tier Structure - Simple design, featuring a large perch bed, a scratching post and hanging ball, keeping them entertained and allowing them to rest when needed.

▪ Scratching Post - Made from jute rope, wrapped around the middle of the cat scratching tree, gives your cat a safe place to keep their claws sharp and short.Soft Plush: Fitted inside the bed and on the base, it is soft and comfortable when they want to relax.

Solid and sturdy - Keeps the cat bed balanced and stable making it suitable for larger cats. Ideal for everyday use.

For cats who love to lounge, this modern cat tree from PawHut will be a good choice. A simple one-tier design, it features a large perch bed which is surrounded by a high wall for safety.

There is soft plush inside the bed and also on the base so your pet is cosy and comfortable.

Made from particle board, with jute rope wrapped around the middle to give your cat somewhere to scratch their claws.

It's finished with a hanging play ball which is ideal for when they're feeling a little mischievous.

*Dimensions: 49H x 40L x 40W (cm).

*Top perch: 35cm.

*Recommended Max Cat Weight: 7KG.


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